The pursuit of our healthy crowning glory at any age never ends.

The pursuit of our healthy ‘crowning glory’ at any age never ends. One of the signs of aging is hair loss. While some might say, because it is inevitable, that it is wiser to accept our fate. I disagree.
There are ways to prevent, limit and even control hair loss.

Apart from living a healthy lifestyle coupled with stress management, consider an all-natural hair tonic guaranteed to protect your scalp and hair health. I believe in prevention.
While I have been blessed with having thick hair, I ensure it by applying Novuhair daily.


Made from 19 natural ingredients like ginger, Indian pennywort, VCO, Aloe vera, etc., Novuhair helps prevent hair loss and aids to promote hair growth.


Your hair deserves world-class care. Choose natural, find out more through

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Thumbs Up for Aloe Vera

Yes, it’s me, farmer Cory harvesting fresh aloe vera from my garden! This all-around wonder plant is great for hair and skin care. Known for ages for its anti-inflammatory properties, this plant can address problems like dandruff, scalp allergies and even hair loss!
Peel off the skin, wash off its sticky yellow slime and use the fleshy, transparent gel. You may chill it before applying it on the scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with a mild shampoo. Apply it weekly. Be patient. Because it is an herb, results can be expected within 2-3 months.

Aloe vera is a hardy plant which can grow wild in your garden. Try planting it in your backyard today.

Water is Life

Yes, water is life! Underestimating the importance of water can wreak havoc on your health. Even your very own life.
The average person can survive 21 days without water (as in the case of Mahatma Gandhi during his hunger strike. During that time, he only took sips of water.)
As for water, a human being can survive 3-4 days, at most, 7.
Water keeps our blood flowing freely. It nourishes every cell in our body. It also guarantees a more radiant complexion because it helps improve the efficiency of one’s elimination process.
It was once recommended by health experts to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. But in today’s highly-stressful world, now the minimum requirement is anywhere from 10-12 glasses.
Try this regimen: Mornings – upon waking up, drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water before breakfast, every hour take one full glass of water, plus 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before meals.
Always keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Best to store water in a glass container. Not plastic.
There is no substitute for pure, clean water.
Tea, coffee or juice do not cover your daily allotment. In fact, for every cup of coffee you take, you must have the equivalent amount in pure water.
Remember, we all need water to live.
So, drink up.
And so shall I.

Love and light.


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Skin Breathing

Liberate your skin from make-up! There are days when your skin needs a day-off. Make it a weekly ritual to follow the old adage – “Less is more”. Actually, I much prefer “nothing is better”. The perfect time for this is Sunday. So, all you have to do is to declare it a no-make up day. And if this isn’t possible, at day’s end, follow this simple regimen.
Ingredient: a basic oil like virgin coconut oil to remove make-up.
Rub generously on your face and entire body too! Wipe off gently with a tissue. Leave the remaining oil on your skin for an hour. This way, you get to 1) Cleanse your face 2) Moisturize it.
After an hour, rinse with a mild soap or skin cleanser.
And there you have it – a cleaner and more- rested skin.

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Stretching for Better Health

You don’t need to go to a gym in order to get a good stretching workout. This is a no-fuss easy way to lengthen those muscles in order to improve flexibility. Moreover, a good stretch improves circulation and stiffness of muscles. The end result, believe it or not, is more durable joints.

Stretching is part of a complete workout. The process should be: warm-up through brisk walking for 5 minutes, stretching, exercise routine, stretching then warm-down.
Grab any place you see with a sturdy pole. As you can see, that’s a street sign I chose. After a short walk, grip the pole securely then slowly pull away. Keep your heels grounded on the floor as you stretch. Hold for 60 seconds. Then slowly return to your first position. Repeat 5 times. This posture is good for lower back problems.
If you have had any previous injury then always consult your physician.

Otherwise, you may ahead, and have a gentle stretching session today.

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Not Luck or Chance, Count on yourself

For every lunar year, a new animal rules. With the entry of the Earth Dog, many changes and challenges can be expected. There is much room for optimism and prosperity. But no matter what sign you might be, whether it is in conflict or in harmony with the ruling sign, one thing should prevail…. YOU.
Gather your inner forces to ensure your balance. Seek your inner peace. In so doing, you will overcome any disturbance from the outside world.
Yes, we will celebrate amid the welcome noise and the festive atmosphere. But we will remain steadfast to our core belief. That God is in heaven. Life is good. And so are you!
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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Love Yourself – Have a Heart

Valentine’s Day is a testimony to the enduring values of love in all its ways of expression. Love can be celebrated by lovers, marital partners, family and friends. It is the season of appreciating the bridge that unites us all. To honor Valentine’s Day is to honor the heart.  Wishing you all love on this day and always.


Hugging is an expression of love. And a simple hug has healing powers. It can energize your heart and revitalize the spirit. Adopt the practice of hugging yourself. Learn to love yourself more. Because how can others love you if you do not love yourself? A good time to express appreciation for yourself is in the mornings just before you start your day.  Don’t be surprised how energized you will feel. This 100% gesture is your gift to yourself. Yes, it might sound narcissistic. But it isn’t. More importantly, how can you give love to others if you do not have enough love to give away? You deserve a hug.

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