Wellness Forever

It’s been 14 years every Sunday that I have been doing a live Teleradyo show “Ma-Beauty Po Naman “ on DZMM/Abs-Cbn. And my passion to make us all healthier and happier has not waned. You can count on me to share with you the latest breakthroughs in the fields of health and wellness. This, for a stronger Philippines. #iamcoryquirino #sundays #wellness #share #philippines #committed

Get healthy

It’s true, only God can make a tree and this included their power to heal as well.  Do you know that being near trees can improve the mood, reduce stress and control blood pressure? And there is now an accepted therapy called forest bathing as a health therapy. So, the next time you see a garden or park, go for a stroll. You will feel better. www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #forest #forestbathing #simplejoys #gethealthy


Yes,  we all wear masks. And it is a normal and instinctive way towards self-preservation. Masks serve to protect us from emotions – no matter how painful they might be, from situations-no matter how fearful they could be. For as long as you do not take it to the extreme by completely shutting yourself from the rest of the world, it is ok to wear a mask. But one day, there will be no need to wear them. That’s when you are accepted unconditionally. It takes courage to discard that mask. Go ahead. Declare this to one and all “This is who I am, as I am—- perfect!” www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #masks #unmasked #findme #venetian

Sleep for longevity

Lost sleep lately? Do you know that the body cannot recover from sleep deprivation? Ideally, we need at least 7 hours of sleep nightly by 10pm. It is at this  when the trillions of cells in the body begin to regenerate. In order to live long and look good, make sure you get quality sleep. Sleep recharges the brain, heals and repairs the body and replaces old cells with new ones.  It is the best anti-aging regimen. www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #sleep #bedrest # rejuvenation #longevity

Forever Young

To be timeless. Is this such an impossible dream? Whether you are a baby boomer, gen x, y, z or millenial, time doesn’t stand still for anyone. However, if you embrace the principles of wellness, then it would appear in your later years that time has indeed been kind to you. Let there be an alliance of body, mind and spirit. Do you agree? #iamcoryquirino #gatsbylook #timeless #foreveryoung #doitnow #wellnessnow

Get Healthy

Hi there! Here I am doing my stretching routine after my brisk walk in the mornings. Seriously, you have no excuse not to exercise. Do you know that one of best ways to delay the aging process is to exercise? Just 25 minutes of brisk walking or jogging daily is enough to ensure a stronger heart. Imagine if you combined this with healthy eating. You double the health benefits. You can do this! So, did you exercise today? #iamcoryquirino #exercise #hearthealth #gethealthy #mornings #fitness


Long after the flowers have wilted, the sentiments live on in your heart. Yes, you can say it with flowers but what counts is the message attached to the bouquet. Flowers may speak louder than words. But it is the good feelings which remain. That feeling of contentment is what guarantees your longevity. You have many reasons to be contented about. Acknowledge your contentment now. www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #rose #contentment #memories #sentiments #longevity

Sugar cravings?

Do you have a sweet tooth? Which one would you rather have, the apple or the cake? Once upon a time it was believed that fat was the health hazard. Not so anymore. What’s threatening to your health is sugar. Sugar from fruits is the better choice, health-wise. But refined sugars will over-burden your liver. The absolute limit for men is 9 teaspoons or 150 calories, for women it is 6 teaspoons or 100 calories. A diet high in sugar may lead to obesity, diabetes, fatty liver , heart disease and cancer. So treat yourself to sugar in moderation, please. www.coryquirino.com#iamcoryquirino #sugar #cravings #addiction #moderation #discipline

Mother’s Day

Because she knows and shows the meaning of unconditional love, a mother deserves a crown and a throne. A mother is forever. Let’s honor mothers today. But never forget to celebrate the mother in you. Happy Mother’s Day! 👑💕 www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #unconditionallove #mothersday #queen #crown #nofilter

Best of you

The best of who you are is yet to come. You’ve got to believe it. While there is no perfection on this Earth, the pursuit of it is what makes life more meaningful. We are all a work in progress while our greatness is in process. So give it your best shot! www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #bestofme #perfection #progress #greatness #believe