Sunny Despite the Rain

Not even the rainclouds can obliterate the sunset. And while studies have shown that rainy weather can raise humidity, making it a trigger for asthma and allergies, this expected outcome can be managed through increased hydration and vitamin C intake. No matter the weather, stay positive. Remember, the sun is in your heart. #iamcoryquirino #rain #sunnyheart #conradmanila #mallofasia #sunset

Think Healthy

During the times you might feel boxed-in and  trapped , you might have the urge to simply break free. But running away from your problem will worsen the situation. Liberate your mind by facing your problems head-on. This is where the power of your mind can make you or break you.  And you will be victorious. Why? Because there is courage inside of you. #iamcoryquirino #escape #innerpower #courage #burdened #letgo #faceit

Shine On!

A dazzling display of lights is enough to brighten up the darkness. And while it can be enchanting, nothing else can be more powerful then the one light that transcends all— your radiant being. Your inner light can bring happiness where there is sadness and hope, where there is despair. You can be a light to others. Begin today. Shine on! #shine #illuminate #hope #love


This is what I do with great passion- empower others. There are those who want to change but cannot seem to get started. This is when I come in. Transformation through wellness  comes with the decision to do better for yourself. If you say that you never have time to exercise it’s because you never make time. Once you take that giant leap forward to manage your time, given your priorities, you will be surprised just how much of it you do have! The question: Will you make time for exercise tomorrow? Trivia: Exercise prolongs lives by improving one’s health. #iamcoryquirino #wellness #doit #discipline #exercise #happy #endorphins

Wellness Trivia

Whether you climb up or go down the stairs, the exercise is relative. This, because it’a a matter of the motion. Going up the stairs to improve the definition of your legs is just as good when going down. ( sans the high heels, of course) Take note: Going down stretches the legs and the jarring motion of going down prevents osteoporosis, would you believe? As a reminder always take precaution when taking the stairs in order to prevent accidents. #iamcoryquirino #stairs #highheels #nofilter #careful

Live Long

There is always that perfect spot which beckons you. Wherever you are, find that serene corner. Break your routine and try some meditative breathing. Stop for a minute and take in all the beauty that surrounds you. Your heart will be relaxed and your mind recharged. This is one of the secrets to longevity. #iamcoryquirino #slowdown #meditation #relax #peace


This is not one for the birds. The mural was too cute to resist. There is no truth to the expression “eat like a bird”. Do you know that birds can eat as much as half their body weight? If you were a bird and weighed 130 lbs, then it means you will eat 65 lbs of food daily! Knowing this, let me now ask, “Do you eat like a bird?” #iamcoryquirino #birds #diet #moderation #nofilter


Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Whatever your preference know that both contain caffeine. The daily consumption limit is 400 mg or about 4 cups. While caffeine is good: boosts metabolism and improves alertness, when overdone, then you can expect anxiety and insomnia . As for me, I go herbal like my favorite peppermint. #iamcoryquirino #sitbackandrelax #quiet #coffeebreak #reminisce