Oftentimes, when you have to make up your mind about something, there is an urgent need to take a step back. True vision requires looking from afar. Find your perfect vantage point. Studies have shown that the mind operates more efficiently in a state of harmony. Surround yourself with peace, focus on your breathing and achieve a calmness of mind. Look to the horizon first. Then and only then, should you make that crucial decision. #iamcoryquirino #lifedecisions #perspective #equanimity #nofilter #sydney

Almond Milk

While cow’s milk has dominated people’s beverage of choice, serious health enthusiasts prefer healthier offerings. Almond milk is dairy/gluten/sugar free. Rich in protein and vitamin D, it is the perfect beverage for the discriminating health enthusiast. www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #almondmilk #gethealthy #nofilter


Start the day exceptionally well with sweet golden goodness. There are over 300 kinds of honey in the world but most commercially-prepared ones are pasteurized. Raw wild honey straight from the honeycomb is highest in enzymes and antioxidants. According to ancient practice it was, and still is, a preventive measure against allergies and coughs. One teaspoon a day is all you need. But beware. Honey is rich in calories and sugar. So take it moderately. I like honey. Do you? #iamcoryquirino #honey #breakfast #sofiteldarlingharbour #honeycomb #sweet

Sunny heart

It is non-negotiable. An absolute law of wellness is the state of one’s disposition. Therefore, the outside should reflect the inside. No matter the climate- whether it’s 10 degrees outside or not, keep your sunny disposition. Your hands may be cold but your heart remains warm. Walking around Darling Harbour, Sydney with my sunny heart. Good things come to those who remain positively cheerful. #iamcoryquirino #onelegup #sunnyheart #nofilter #darlingharbour #walking

Stay interested

A little curiosity can go a long way. If you don’t take a peek behind the curtains then you may never know what you might have missed. Of course, there are risks for every action we take. But the rewards could be far greater! Aren’t you just a bit curious? www.coryquirino.com#iamcoryquirino #ladyingrey #curiousity #rewards #nofilter #behindthecurtain

Keep going

There was a time I did daily visits to the gym. So now, I decided to regain my youthful enjoyments. Am back! The good news is, your body never forgets. It has memory. Soon you will get into the swing of things again. How did I start over? By saying YES! Will you say yes to exercise too? www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #dontstop #fitness #fitnessfirst #yes #keepgoing