So what about gluten? It is the protein in wheat, barley and rye responsible for making cakes soft and fluffy. But some are gluten-intolerant and don’t know it. Try observing yourself. Each time you eat bread or pasta do you experience any stomach discomfort or fatigue and irritability? These are signs of gluten sensitivity. Except, I don’t have an allergy to gluten. So it is treat day! But to keep my tummy flat I choose gluten-free pizza. Do I have to go to Sydney for one of these? I challenge restaurants in Manila today. Are you staying away from gluten? #iamcoryquirino #glutenfree #pizza #nofilter #cyren #treat

Nurturing Relationships

It is one of the ‘musts’ to a long life. Nurturing relationships ensures happy hormones. In life, there will be people with whom you will develop a special fondness for. Jaysel Arrozal was crowned a princess in 2011. And l in 2018, she decided to add Spros to her name. Always remember, that there is a new crown on your head, the most-sought-after of all. And it is Love. www.coryquirino #iamcoryquirino #wedding #love #crown #sanagustin #unforgettable

Choosing the light

Life gives us every opportunity to walk in the shadow or the light. And with every situation we are given a choice- either we cast a shadow or work with the light. Which one do you resonate with? #iamcoryquirino #shadows #light #openarms #innergoodness #museosanso

Drink healthy

Need a good reason to drink carrot juice? Take note. It can protect your brain from memory loss and dementia, increase your body’s defense against cancer and ensure eye health. Dieters, good news. It can boost metabolism thereby promoting weight loss. This, because of its high content of Vitamin A ( betacarotene), C and potassium. #iamcoryquirino #drinkhealthy #carrots #youcandothis #healthnow

The simple Malunggay

Farmer Cory is back. Near the street where I live, this little tree is ready for the harvest. Believe it ir not, its leaves pack a nutrient punch! Loaded with vitamins A and C, minerals magnesium, iron and calcium, Moringa Olifera may address cholesterol, high sugar conditions and anemia. Add a few leaves on your salad, soup or your veggie juicing. It may be bitter so use sparingly. Its leaves may absorb toxins in the air. Wash thoroughly before comsuming. #iamcoryquirino #moringa #greenisgood #nofilter #roadside

The Good Fruit

If given a choice between a bouquet of fresh flowers and a fruit-quet, which would you pick? Whatever you choose, you have to agree that this is a uniquely-healthy gift, right? Health experts believe that a diet high in fresh greens and fruits lowers the risk of developing chronic problems and lifestyle diseases like cancer. Then, fruits were considered too high in fructose. Not now. However, if you don’t over-eat, you will not develop a high-sugar condition. If you have diabetes, consult your doctor and nutritionist on low-glycemic fruits. I enjoy eating fruits. Do you? #iamcoryquirino #fruits #fruitsalad #eathealthy #fresh #enjoy #fruitquet


The King of Fruits, durian is my favorite. And it is time to shatter the myth. Contrary to belief, it has the capacity to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Rich in fiber and antioxidants, one bite of durian can boost your vitality almost immediately. And just like avocado, it contains good dietary fat. Eat in moderation though as it is high in fructose. I love durian. Do you? #iamcoryquirino #durian #superfood #energyfood #nofilter #philippines

Coco is Keto

It is not an ice-cream, this favorite snack of mine. Looking like a rolled-up curly burrito, coconut meat is nutrient-dense. High in fiber and good fat, it improves metabolism thereby contributing to weight loss. Rich in minerals potassium, manganese, sodium and copper, it promotes muscle strength and controls blood pressure. What more do you want? Eat coconuts. Because it is good for you. #iamcoryquirino #coconuts #treeoflife #keto #mct

Feeling White

You can color your life each day of the week. But if you wish to connect with your innocence, choose white. There was a time when the season dictated the color. Today, you can wear your own season of colors. White for renewal and rebirth. White for simplicity and divinity. Are you feeling white today? #iamcoryquirino #white #simplyme #simplicity #ephemeral



Choose Natural. Novuhair to ensure the health of your crowning glory. #iamcoryquirino #novuhair #crowningglory #choosenatural