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Smile from the inside-out

A smile is reflective of the state of your emotions and disposition. While it takes more facial muscles to smile than to frown, they manifest differently as expression lines. A smile may cause wrinkles but that’s ok. Your aura is one who is open, loving and friendly. If you send out good vibes, then you […]


Dessert, one of the sweetest pleasures of life. Can you really have your cake and eat it too? Only if you don’t finish the whole cake. There is nothing wrong with a little sweetness to end your meal. Just practice moderation. Small bites please. Especially if you are watching your sugar. Always eat the sweet […]


Stay close to nature if you seek harmony. A good way to combat stress, the illness of the 21st century, is to go on a nature walk. Whenever you feel out of sorts, take a stroll in a park or garden. Plants have the power to absorb negative energy. Feel re-charged after. www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #destress […]

Live with passion

Red on red. For what is life without love or passion? We have our lives to live vibrantly. So why not put your all in everything you do, big or small. Use your inner source of energy to generate all the warmth and vibrance you need. It stems from a body, mind and spirit founded […]

The no-diet Diet

Want to lose weight without really trying? It is an effortless and painless way to slim down. Practice the rule of “just enough”. You may eat anything you want but stop when that familiar feeling arrives. That almost-full-but-not-quite feeling. One must enjoy a meal but not to the point of bingeing. If you eat beyond […]

Fight Stress

You have heard of the idiomatic expression “Stop and smell the flowers”. It is a reminder to us all that living in a stressful world requires one to take a break. Whether it is small deep breaths or a short morning walk, just do it. The human body seeks harmony. So, balance your work and […]

Edible flowers make a great salad

Don’t just eat healthy, eat pretty too. Literally. So here I am, farmer Cory harvesting edible sweet pea flowers from her garden. Immerse the flowers in water for a blue-inspired drink. The taste is subtle. Sprinkle the crunchy and slightly nutty flowers on your green salad to brighten up your bowl of greens. I know, […]

Keep Moving

Want to know one of the best anti-aging secrets? Stay in motion. Exercise keeps you young. But if you don’t have time to hit the gym, just stay active. So, if given a choice between an elevator or the stairs… you know the answer to that one, right? No to a sedentary lifestyle. Keep moving. […]

Mood Influences Health

Your emotional and mental disposition influence your biological health in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Studies have shown that your mood can affect your immune system. When you are in a happy and peaceful state of mind, so is your physical condition. Proof positive that wellness is truly the holistic balance of body, […]

Being feminine

Feeling authentically-feminine. Inside a woman’s heart you will find both warrior and queen. There are days that call for firmness and courage and moments when grace and tenderness take the lead. Either way, a woman rules. This is woman. As I am. www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #woman #femininepower #grace #nofilter