The no-diet Diet

Want to lose weight without really trying? It is an effortless and painless way to slim down. Practice the rule of “just enough”. You may eat anything you want but stop when that familiar feeling arrives. That almost-full-but-not-quite feeling. One must enjoy a meal but not to the point of bingeing. If you eat beyond your limit then you are over-burdening your stomach. Eat to the point of satisfaction. You can start today. #iamcoryquirino #eatright #nodiet #justenough



Choose Natural. Novuhair to ensure the health of your crowning glory. #iamcoryquirino #novuhair #crowningglory #choosenatural

No stress

Don’t stress even if you have lost your way. Stay centered. Dig deep within for your inner compass. A sudden twist of the road, a wrong turn and yes, a bad judgement can derail you in this journey called life. The radar within you is there. Trust your instincts. And follow. Soon, you will be back on track. And back home. #iamcoryquirino #wayhome #lost #journey #nostress #innercompass

Almond Milk

While cow’s milk has dominated people’s beverage of choice, serious health enthusiasts prefer healthier offerings. Almond milk is dairy/gluten/sugar free. Rich in protein and vitamin D, it is the perfect beverage for the discriminating health enthusiast. #iamcoryquirino #almondmilk #gethealthy #nofilter


Start the day exceptionally well with sweet golden goodness. There are over 300 kinds of honey in the world but most commercially-prepared ones are pasteurized. Raw wild honey straight from the honeycomb is highest in enzymes and antioxidants. According to ancient practice it was, and still is, a preventive measure against allergies and coughs. One teaspoon a day is all you need. But beware. Honey is rich in calories and sugar. So take it moderately. I like honey. Do you? #iamcoryquirino #honey #breakfast #sofiteldarlingharbour #honeycomb #sweet

Keep going

There was a time I did daily visits to the gym. So now, I decided to regain my youthful enjoyments. Am back! The good news is, your body never forgets. It has memory. Soon you will get into the swing of things again. How did I start over? By saying YES! Will you say yes to exercise too? #iamcoryquirino #dontstop #fitness #fitnessfirst #yes #keepgoing

Think Healthy

During the times you might feel boxed-in and  trapped , you might have the urge to simply break free. But running away from your problem will worsen the situation. Liberate your mind by facing your problems head-on. This is where the power of your mind can make you or break you.  And you will be victorious. Why? Because there is courage inside of you. #iamcoryquirino #escape #innerpower #courage #burdened #letgo #faceit


Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Whatever your preference know that both contain caffeine. The daily consumption limit is 400 mg or about 4 cups. While caffeine is good: boosts metabolism and improves alertness, when overdone, then you can expect anxiety and insomnia . As for me, I go herbal like my favorite peppermint. #iamcoryquirino #sitbackandrelax #quiet #coffeebreak #reminisce

Hot is Good!

Hot health find! In Nagano, Japan, home of wasabi fields, you can find fresh wasabi and freshly-made wasabi paste. This plant which is grown on river water from melted snow from the Japanese Alps is considered a health food. An  anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial, wasabi is said to also have anti-cancer properties. Rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium , among others. It relieves arthritis and sinusitis problems. Add more heat to your meals. Get healthier with wasabi. #iamcoryquirino #wasabi #spices #nagano #japan #gethealthy #greenfood

Think healthy.

Think healthy . Found the juiciest cherry tomatoes ever in Japan. With a handful of tomatoes you get the benefits of the antioxidant lycopene. Guess what? To enhance its nutritive values  (such as vitamins A,C, B6, K and potassium ), you must cook it! If you love your heart, then add tomatoes to your eating plan. #iamcoryquirino #tomatoes #hearthealth #pomodoro #gethealthy