Best of you

The best of who you are is yet to come. You’ve got to believe it. While there is no perfection on this Earth, the pursuit of it is what makes life more meaningful. We are all a work in progress while our greatness is in process. So give it your best shot! #iamcoryquirino #bestofme #perfection #progress #greatness #believe


Summer fun

Yes, you can be carefree again. You should, actually. So when was the last time you got your feet wet? Do you  know that water has a calming effect on the body and the mind? Let go of your heavy baggage. Lighten up. And jump in. The water is fine. And so are you. #iamcoryquirino # foreveryoung #summerfun

What are the odds of finding in your patio a helpless nestling  barely able to fly?

What are the odds of finding in your patio a helpless nestling  barely able to fly? I cupped it in my open palms and decided to shelter it for a night. Eventually, I gave this feathered friend its freedom. Finding meaning in everything that happens to us, one must discern the message. Just like that little bird we all have to find our wings and fly. Taking flight, we become aware of this truth: that the power to soar high is within us. #iamcoryquirino #affirmations #soar #freedom

Small wonders everyday.

Small wonders everyday. And what a wonderful Sunday surprise for me. My garden is abloom. What do you think of this, a crown of orchids! Expect miracles big and small to happen for you. It’s your outlook that counts. So make it awesome. Don’t ever stop believing. #iamcoryquirino #affirmations #miracles

Your story

If walls could speak, then what would they say? Church walls tell of prayers and supplication, tears and joys, triumph and tragedy. Whatever your story may be, make it matter. Because your journey is unlike anyone else’s. Its yours. What’s your story? I am listening. #yourstory #you