Stay close to nature if you seek harmony. A good way to combat stress, the illness of the 21st century, is to go on a nature walk. Whenever you feel out of sorts, take a stroll in a park or garden. Plants have the power to absorb negative energy. Feel re-charged after. #iamcoryquirino #destress #nature #junglegarden #talkawalk

Choosing the light

Life gives us every opportunity to walk in the shadow or the light. And with every situation we are given a choice- either we cast a shadow or work with the light. Which one do you resonate with? #iamcoryquirino #shadows #light #openarms #innergoodness #museosanso

Staying Centered

Life is never without its share of ups and downs. You might be filled with fear and doubt. And just when you feel like giving up, don’t. Because it is when you are at your lowest that you will find your strength. If your faith is rock-solid, then you will never doubt that inner power. You’ve got it in you to depend on yourself – and not on anyone else. #iamcoryquirino #serenitynow #boulder #rock #faith #challenges #conquerfear

Stop whatever it is you are doing and smell the flowers.

Stop whatever it is you are doing and smell the flowers. Best advice ever to the stressed and weary. In the end, the best medicine is inner tranquility- no matter what pressures we are facing. Stay calm and center yourself. Appreciate all the beauty around you. Nature has a healing effect on people, whether you realize it or not. Spare a moment- now. #iamcoryquirino #flowers #nature #innerbalance #destress

When suddenly you know it’s the “aha moment”.

When suddenly you know it’s the “aha moment”. With the sun on my face, the breeze in my hair and cherry blossoms at my back, I was completely still.  It was fleeting perfection. And there I was, simply being one with God , with life. Did you have your ‘moment’ too? #iamcoryquirino #meditation #innerpeace #sakura #serenitynow

Expect the unexpected.

Expect the unexpected. Life is full of twists and turns. Tulips and sushi. How surprising is this? Yes, tulips grow in Japan!  When life presents its incredible surprises to you, face them with a sense of wonder and equanimity. When was the last time you had a great surprise? Well, expect it soon. #iamcoryquirino #serenitynow #tulips #sushi #pleasantsurprise #Japan

Perfect mood

So you would like your day to be as perfect as can be. Did you know that your attitude determines the outcome of your day? Some people wake up grumpy each day. Others, like myself, don’t. You can control your mind and heart. Just will it. Your perfect mood can make or break your day. And how was your day ? Did you adopt the right attitude? #iamcoryquirino #serenitynow #perfectmood

Sunrise Meditation

You need to stop what you are doing if you do not intend for life to pass you by. Therefore, open your eyes and appreciate every moment that presents itself to you. One morning at sunrise, I walked along a scenic garden. I found the moment. It came to me. I just decided to be quiet.
Claim your tranquility now. Focus on your breath. Inhale slowly. Hold still. Exhale gently. Repeat for three minutes for starters. A calmness will come over you. #iamcoryquirino #tranquility #meditation

Keep the faith

Sometimes, when it may seem that life is holding you back, you feel that you have lost your timing. Yes, even your sense of freedom. When you feel held back is when your faith is on the line. Trust in the flow of things . There is a time and a place for everything. Today is what counts because it is what will lead you to tomorrow. #faith


Chilling is the art of just simply sitting back. When you are on chill-mode, there is no hurry to beat deadlines, rush papers or catch up on matters of urgency. Because we are used to being too busy, our high levels of adrenaline may become the new normal. Not good. So, if you value your life, then you will learn the art of doing nothing- even for just a while.  @coryquirino #serenitynow #sitting