Edible flowers make a great salad

Don’t just eat healthy, eat pretty too. Literally. So here I am, farmer Cory harvesting edible sweet pea flowers from her garden. Immerse the flowers in water for a blue-inspired drink. The taste is subtle. Sprinkle the crunchy and slightly nutty flowers on your green salad to brighten up your bowl of greens. I know, too pretty to eat but why not?! Something different, right? www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #edibleflowers #salad #sprinkles #mygarden


Climb the stairs for a stronger heart!

Climb the stairs for a stronger heart! Do you know that stair-climbing is a sport? You burn more calories per minute than jogging. The good news is that the risk of having heart disease is reduced by 30%. When climbing the stairs wear flat shoes ( not high heels) or use a comfortable pair of fitness shoes. Get your circulation going. Instead of the elevator, take the stairs. PS. Smile! www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #getfit #stairclimbing

Getting Fit

Make a big guess. What do I have in common with famous footballers, Phil and James Younghusband? Of course, it is exercise. With one exception: they play professionally. But exercise they do. As we all should. Therefore, it doesnt matter if  you are 17 or 77, exercise is vital to staying young forever. Find a form of exercise you enjoy. You can start with brisk walking. www.coryquirino.com #iamcoryquirino #getfit #football

Agonizing about the last five pounds you cannot seem to lose?

Agonizing about the last five pounds you cannot seem to lose? Well, whether it is 15 or 5 pounds you want to shed, the principles remain the same. Owning your body to stay healthy.

The Rules

  1. Eat moderately. Never over-eat.
  2. Zero Carbohydrates at dinner.
  3. Zero sugar at night.
  4. Exercise a minimum of twenty minutes daily.
  5. Drink 10-15 glasses of water daily.


If you follow the rules, then you can lose 5 pounds in one week.