Believe it or not, tree-hugging has healing benefits. It may sound incredible but studies have shown that trees emit healing energy. They have a vibrational pattern that may address mental and emotional issues like  depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders.

Apart from improving air quality by absorbing CO2, trees also have a calming effect on people. Thus, in their own way, trees can uplift your mood.
Walk into a forest or park and hug the biggest tree you can find. All you need is 3 to 5 minutes.
Do you know that you don’t even need to touch a tree? Living near trees is just as beneficial.
Why not give it a try and see for yourself? Hug a tree today.

Feeling Young

Age is more than just a number. It is your state of mind and heart. This state of being is a choice. Thus, youthfulness or feeling young depends on you. Not biology or the passage of time. Not your family or relationships. But you.
To feel young means to be young. It simply requires you to recapture your innocence, that no-pretense, open-hearted, trusting you. As a child, you were that way. Try to remember. Dig into your feelings. Find the inspiration behind your smile, your giggle , your laughter. If you must, and you should, go to a children’s playground. Get on that swing again.
Find a moment. Be carefree. Do what you once did as a child. Just be.
Then and only then can you say with certainty, that you are “feeling young”.

Coconuts for life

Life is a bed of coconuts, not roses. They call it the Tree of Life for a good reason. The coconut tree is edible and useful in so many ways. But the coconut itself is perfect as a health and diet food . Virgin coconut oil contains life-giving monolaurin from which lauric acid is extracted .There is one other substance in the world that contains lauric acid – mother’s milk!
Dieters, listen up! The coconut is called  keto ( ketogenic) food.
Plus, Virgin coconut oil ( VCO) is kind to your skin,  being the perfect cleanser and mousturizer. This also includes its hair-saving benefits. Recent studies have revealed that vco may boost brain health and delay age-related illnesses like memory loss, Alzheimers and dementia. As a weight-loss aid, it improves the metabolism. Moreover, vco increases vitality and energy.
Now you know why the coconut can improve our lives. I am already a champion of the coconut. And, an avid fan. Maybe you should too.
Start by eating a coconut today.

The summer spirit is upon us.

The summer spirit is upon us. And when it beckons, we must heed it. You don’t need to wander off to distant places if you are city-based for now.  Just look for places close to nature- whether it be a baywalk or a garden.

Kick-off your heels and simply enjoy communing with the perfect scenery.
As you can see, I just could not help myself.
Shoes in hand, I took that unique morning stroll barefooted in between my tv taping schedule.
Surprise yourself by doing something life-affirming today. It will lift your heart, no matter how weary you may be. You owe it to yourself.

Not Luck or Chance, Count on yourself

For every lunar year, a new animal rules. With the entry of the Earth Dog, many changes and challenges can be expected. There is much room for optimism and prosperity. But no matter what sign you might be, whether it is in conflict or in harmony with the ruling sign, one thing should prevail…. YOU.
Gather your inner forces to ensure your balance. Seek your inner peace. In so doing, you will overcome any disturbance from the outside world.
Yes, we will celebrate amid the welcome noise and the festive atmosphere. But we will remain steadfast to our core belief. That God is in heaven. Life is good. And so are you!
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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Love Yourself – Have a Heart

Valentine’s Day is a testimony to the enduring values of love in all its ways of expression. Love can be celebrated by lovers, marital partners, family and friends. It is the season of appreciating the bridge that unites us all. To honor Valentine’s Day is to honor the heart.  Wishing you all love on this day and always.


Hugging is an expression of love. And a simple hug has healing powers. It can energize your heart and revitalize the spirit. Adopt the practice of hugging yourself. Learn to love yourself more. Because how can others love you if you do not love yourself? A good time to express appreciation for yourself is in the mornings just before you start your day.  Don’t be surprised how energized you will feel. This 100% gesture is your gift to yourself. Yes, it might sound narcissistic. But it isn’t. More importantly, how can you give love to others if you do not have enough love to give away? You deserve a hug.

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