Coconuts for life

Life is a bed of coconuts, not roses. They call it the Tree of Life for a good reason. The coconut tree is edible and useful in so many ways. But the coconut itself is perfect as a health and diet food . Virgin coconut oil contains life-giving monolaurin from which lauric acid is extracted .There is one other substance in the world that contains lauric acid – mother’s milk!
Dieters, listen up! The coconut is called  keto ( ketogenic) food.
Plus, Virgin coconut oil ( VCO) is kind to your skin,  being the perfect cleanser and mousturizer. This also includes its hair-saving benefits. Recent studies have revealed that vco may boost brain health and delay age-related illnesses like memory loss, Alzheimers and dementia. As a weight-loss aid, it improves the metabolism. Moreover, vco increases vitality and energy.
Now you know why the coconut can improve our lives. I am already a champion of the coconut. And, an avid fan. Maybe you should too.
Start by eating a coconut today.

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